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PLK5035 series of 3 &frac1
PLK5045 series of 4 &frac1
PLK1B series of 3 ½
PLK5135 Series 3 ½
PLK5145 series of four sem
PLK6ZN Series Intelligent
PLK1ZN Series Intelligent
PLK2ZN Series Intelligent
PLK3ZN Series Intelligent
PLK5ZN Series Intelligent
PLK1L Series digital LED d
PLK1T Series LED Display
PLK2T series of LCD digita
PLK1F Series digital LED d
PLK1C Series digital LED d
PLK1RP digital LED display
PLKD29 Series Compact Prog
PLKD394E Multifunction Pow
Digital meters accessory p
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XI’an PHILINK Electric Co., Ltd. is an enterprise collected R&D, manufacturing into intergration specializing in the production of intelligent power meter. the main products are intelligent electrical measuring instruments, digital meters, Power transmitter, power isolation transformers, power filter, current transformers, DC shunt, electricity meter accessories ,industrial products, wireless communication systems and etc .
Products’ quality is stable and reliable, with the features: an intuitive display, responsive, environmental adaptability. Widely used in electric power, coal, machinery, metallurgy and other industrial control, scientific research laboratory, room, shop, medical equipment, medicine, books and materials, heritage archives, warehouses, farming and other industries intelligent measurement and control, specially introduced intelligent Arc Welder dedicated digital display in 2009.
Company have the engineers with the many years of experience working in the field of intelligent power meters to ensure the goal that meters to meet customer needs, cooperating with foreign enterprises extensively and established a from of management, design development, production and product quality after-sales service team in the adventages of the local colleges and universities in Xi’an andstrong military force and human resources in scientific research for sustainable development .
Development endless, endless innovation. PHILINK’s accurate knowledge of market trends, dedicated to focus on the electricity meter industry, RF communications industry, developed for domestic and foreign demand for intelligent power meter systems, wireless communication systems, to provide the desired product to the changing market
PHILINK focus on the strategy: “science and technology, industrialization and internationalization”, is committed to creating world-class brand. Our goal is: Through strict quality control, cost-effective to provide users with the latest products and comprehensive technical services, so there is no best, only better!
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